NS90 Technology

At NS90, we constantly strive to innovate and drive forward with new technology. We use multiple software tools to develop fast, reliable trading and betting software. For many of our products, we use a microservices architecture combined with a message bus in an event-driven architecture.

 Some of the technology we use:

●      Apache Kafka

Working with the large amount of data needed to model the realistic value for many events, markets, runners and handle price updates makes a high-performing messaging service essential to our business. The Kafka message bus allows us to transmit millions of messages per second between servers. We use Kafka to coordinate and control the workflows, carrying commands, system data and notifications to each microservice.


●      RabbitMQ

This is a secure messaging system that allows us to receive both push notifications for data such as events, markets and prices from our connected feeds as well as offer push notifications to interested parties. We use it predominantly for external consumers, as it provides security and control and partitions the shared data.


●      Spring XD

For our decoupled architecture, we use Spring XD to create multiple containers that can run across multiple servers and manage software modules across them dynamically.


●      Spring Integration

Spring integration is an open source framework for enterprise application integration. We use it make integrations across the various platforms. We connect the framework to Kafka where we create topics which allow us to correctly partition event information, such as an event and its related markets, runners, and prices.


●      MongoDB

MongoDB is a horizontally scalable NoSQL database that allows us to create collections for data sets that are expected to grow.

●      MariaDB

 MariaDB is a database server that turns data into structured information in a wide array of applications. It is fast, scalable and robust, and its rich ecosystem of storage engines, plugins and many other tools make it very versatile.

●      WebSockets

WebSockets allow a push connection between the server and browser. We can receive data in the browser only when needed, which means very quick price updates and alerts for our automated trading software.

●      Big Data and Complex Event Processing

As we develop our trading and betting software, big data and complex event processing will be essential to our products. We can use our large data repository for data mining and trend analysis, which our clients can use to enhance their trading strategy. Complex event processing will allow us to change how the software analyses an event’s activity, capturing the expert knowledge of a trader and automating it. This paves the way to machine learning and artificial intelligence in our future products.